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Tune a stream reading

Need to get all the avalable byte in one packet
Exemple : JAR & ZIP file
The Stream provide only a part of the avalable bytes,
several reads are used to get the complete file
Use "readAtend" to get in one time all the "avalable" byte

Need to split the stream to be treated :
Exemple : Big File
Use "readAt" and "readAtval" and "readAtloop"to split the stream in several packet of "readAtval" bytes

Need to reed available bytes on demand
Use "readAt" and "readAtval"and "reading At" to command a "readAtval" bytes reading.

Stream pad & delai
Need to increase the transit time
Exemple : Satellite simulation
Use "par_latency" & "par_latencyval" to increase the "latencyval" msec of in & out port traversal

Need to Assemble bytes to Packets
Exemple : Asynchrons communications
Use "par_pad" & "par_padval" to assemble in a packet all bytes received with less thans "padval" msec beetwen 2 byte reception

Need to limit bandwith
Exemple : PSTN communications
each Packet is delayed in propostion of the packet size
Use "par_bw" & "par_bwval" to simulate a bandwith limitation