Need to carry Object on byte stream
Exemple : a lot
Use "par_serial" to transform serializable byte=>object/object=>byte at the input/outout of the interface

Decode the stream

Need retreive values from a formated stream
Exemple : tcpdump file
The Stream provide only bytes,
desc will use a file descriptor to analyse each byte
and transform it as ojects
encode objects into a stream

need to send object in a formated stream
Exemple : ???
Objects will be selected to fill a descriptor protocol
each object will be tranformed as byte according to the descriptor
bytes will be added to form Datagrams


Need insert values from a formated stream to a DB
Exemple : arp -a=> DB
the streem is treated (see upper) with a descriptor and provide a tree.
A mapping file describe the source XML document and specify how to insert datas in a DB
the process catch data from the tree (issued from source XML document) and update the DataBase

Need to provide XML (KML/HTML/...) from a database
Exemple : DB=>HTML
A mapping file describe create an XML document with DB informations

The process follow the document, request the database and create tree regarding the mapping file.
the tree is writed as an XML document